Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The invisible man, a case for digital sheet music

Every accompanist has scars associated to the task of turning pages. There's all sorts of stories of students called upon to turn pages for a visiting artist or lecturer that went astray. It seems like everyone has their eyes tuned in certain places and there's no single moment for one person to turn the page for another. The margin of error is small, but seldom does the audience notice.

An electronic Bluetooth foot pad
for turning digital (pdf) sheet music pages

What the artist really wants is for the page to turn with as little distraction as possible and it appears that some instruments are better suited than others. The good news for the accordionist is that your feet aren't considered part of the instrument and are free to turn the sheet music page at just the right moment. This is particularly helpful since the instrument is between the artist and the music stand and the instrument's keyboards are not easily seen at a glance.