Friday, August 2, 2019

Looking for an accompanist for your church service?

April Alsup
April Alsup performs Bach Partita at
First Baptist Church of Denver
April Alsup has been playing the piano in church since she was 10 years old and with Summer nearly over everyone seems to be scrambling to find a competent accompanist who can play both sacred and secular music.

April Alsup studied piano performance and composition with William "Wild Bill" Buelow at Marietta College. She can fill in for your regular pianist in case of an emergency or when they have an event conflict or vacation. She is reliable and a well-known performer in the Denver metropolitan area and if she isn't available for your event we have several other accompanists who would be happy to work with you.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Need an accompanist for your next Beatles tribute party?

Why not use someone who grew up listening to their music? Someone who has played all of their songs. Someone who knows lots of their stories. Someone who has been to Liverpool, been to the museum, been on stage at the Cavern and walked down Penny Lane. April Alsup has been playing Beatles songs for nearly 50 years and will tell you that they never get old for her. Contact us today and let's make a date and "Get Back" to "Yesterday"!

April Alsup at the Cavern Club in LiverpoolApril Alsup onstage at the Cavern in Liverpool